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Your source for the biggest and best suppliers from around the world and some with FREE SHIPPING!!!  We will highlight a new supplier every month and will always continue to give you access to the best.  Check daily as we will continue to add more suppliers and highlight certain products on a weekly basis.  For 2009 we have added more suppliers so feel free to checkout our Electronics page as we are committed to giving you the best information possible so that you can make the most money.


Here at Manufacture Direct, we strive to find the best sites where you are able to find the best sources of electronics, gadgets, PC equipment and so much more. You now have a direct connection to some of the best in the world.  The manufacturers and suppliers on this site on occasion will have FREE SHIPPING but most importantly you don’t have to worry about ordering HUGE containers full of product. You can buy small lots and even samples that you can check out prior to making larger orders.

This is the perfect place to buy small, medium, or even large lots that you can sell on the web and even on the auction sites. Feel free to check out our first featured suppliers as they change every month. They provide FREE SHIPPING on many items and even have feedback from other who have bought similiar products.

Please visit our Electronics page often as we continue to update not only our hottest products but our suppliers and manufacturers.  We have added additional sites with some great pricing.  For 2009, there are some of the hottest gadgets to come to the United States that we have been promoting since the very beginning of 2008.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve of not only the hottest products for personal use but to build your business.

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