Grillers Choice

Now offering custom plans for you to build.  If you like what you see below and would like custom plans built to your specs please send your inquiry to us at

TheOriginal-Closed TheOriginal-Size

We know that there are many plans on the web costing from a few hundred dollars to several hundreds of dollars.  What we will do is offer a commitment to sell you plans that will give you conceptually what needs to be done but you ultimately have the liberty to change the end product.

The grill/smoker you see is built on a concrete pad with built-in vent and cleanout.  Lined with sheet metal with a custom “basket” which houses the pig in the 3rd picture.  If you would like we can build the “basket” and have it shipped to you built to your specs.  You can have the grill top fabricated or we can handle that for our also.

We specialize in designs limited only by imagination and fabrication equipment.

If you would like more detailed pictures feel free to email us.

Until next time, enjoy cooking outdoors!